toddlers (2-3)

Our toddlers have a whole new world they want to see and discover and through play each child is able to explore and experience the world around them. At this age they are able to use words and phrases to communicate and express themselves.

They are encouraged to develop friendships and gain confidence as they interact with others. We aim to identify and encourage every child’s own unique set of skills and interests.

We reflect on each child’s progress and encourage feedback and open communication between families and educators to draw on home life experiences. This is an important time in your child’s life and regular communication with every parent is maintained to keep you informed about the progress of your child’s day.

Observations of all children enrolled in our services will be documented and kept for future reference and reflection, through use of portfolios. Children’s portfolios will be available for a child’s family members to observe. Portfolios will be added to regularly by educators, families, and children and reflected upon by educators to ensure the curriculum for each child remains relevant to their interests and developmental stage.

“Our educators encourage the value of sharing and cooperation through group play”

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